I'm a writer & content director living in Los Angeles. 

Companies seek me out to develop their branding and to overhaul (or, birth and conceptualize) their content marketing strategies. With over 10 years in digital media, writing, and art, I specialize in building the bridge between marketing and editorial. Branding is my boyfriend. Creativity is my lifeblood.

I keep active in a close-knit community of copywriters, illustrators, stylists, photographers, graphic designers, musicians, makeup artists, directors, visual artists, and acquisition marketing ninjas who I deeply trust.


My writing has been published in Cosmopolitan, xoJane, VICE, and a few other places. I've been taking a much-needed break from online publishing, but like hell if you think I'm done writing. I may or may not be working on a book.


Branding • Omni-Channel Marketing • Content Marketing • Digital Marketing Strategies • Social Management • Social Strategies • Copywriting • Copyediting • Search Engine Optimization • E-commerce • Creative Direction • Cross-Channel Marketing • Creative • Email Campaigns • Project Management • Multi-Media Content Production • Video Production • Editorial • PR • Influencer Marketing • Print Media • Co-Branded Partnerships & Promotions • Ghostwriting • Analytics • Facebook Insights • Social Advertising • Agency Collaboration • Artwork Production